Wednesday, October 14, 2009

West Point – America’s Best College

According to Forbes Magazine, West Point beats out the Ivy League as the best college in America. West Point ranks ahead of other schools in terms of their graduation rate, Rhodes and Gates scholars, class size, and that fact that the Army picks up all of the cost of attending.

According to students, alumni, faculty and higher education experts, the undergraduate experience at West Point
and the other service academies is defined by an intense work ethic and a drive to succeed on all fronts. "We face challenges and obstacles that not every college student has to face, but we are able to be competitive in all the different areas, from sports to academics," Vetter says.

No alcohol is allowed in the dorms and freshmen are
given only one weekend leave per semester. That rigor, combined with the virtue of a free education, has made West Point tops in FORBES' list of the best colleges in the country, up from sixth place last year.

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