Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Industry Spotlight: High-Tech

The high-tech industry requires a technologically savvy workforce that adapts quickly, and what group is more adaptable than veterans? Veterans comprise a state-of-the-art workforce with technological training in building, installing, and maintaining complex technology, as well as on the most advanced computer systems available, all in a fast-paced, demanding environment. This expertise coupled with veterans’ inherent strong values, leadership, innovation, and commitment, make veterans an outstanding source for technological talent.

Johnson Controls, an automotive, building, and power technology company, employs many veterans. In fact, they ranked 6th on the 2010 G.I. Jobs Military Friendly Employers list. According to Darryll Fortune, Director of Global PR, there are plans to increase their workforce from 140,000 to about 200,000 over the next three to four years. Fortune states that they plan to hire veterans for many of these new positions.

Varian Medical Systems, an electrotherapeutics company, also recognizes the value of veterans in their industry. Eric Bodtker, Staffing Manager, says, “The military gives vets responsibility for lives and expensive equipment.” With previous responsibility like that, veterans are well-suited for the demands of this industry.

Another example of how veterans excel in this industry can be found among the ranks at Applied Materials, ranked 20th on the list of military-friendly companies. Rudy Soto, Engineering Manager, credits his eight years in the Marines for his success in the high-tech industry. “Veterans understand leadership and teamwork…I’ve been out of the Marine Corps for 15 years, and I still use the troop leading steps [from the military] on a daily basis,” Soto explains.

Evidence of the prosperous nature of this industry can be found in virtually every home and office throughout the world. Our increasingly technological world demands a workforce ready to adapt to any challenge and bring innovation and new ideas. Veterans represent exactly that type of workforce.

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