Friday, November 20, 2009

Ten Tips for Hiring the Right Candidate with Skills for the New Economy

In today's constantly changing workplace, you need to ask the right questions to learn if a potential employee has the attributes you need to grow under potentially volatile business conditions.

Desirable candidates must be flexible and eager learners in order to adapt to the constant reorganizing, fragmenting and reconceptualization in today’s business world.

Here are some questions you should seek to answer of potential new hires:

1. Is the candidate highly adaptive? The capacity to take on new roles and adopt new ways of thinking is critical with a bumpy economy.

2. Do they ask great questions? This tells you a lot about how a candidate thinks and if they will be able to see and solve problems in the market as they occur.

3. Are they voraciously curious? An employee who is curious and a great learner is the key to breakthrough thinking.

4. Can they see patterns in disparate information? This ability needs to be something you look for in each potential hire.

5. Are they team players? Search for candidates who know that their thinking and creativity is improved by collaboration and team efforts.

6. Are they good resource managers? As the world downsizes, knowing how to make the most out of less is a critical new skill.

7. Are they enthusiastic about people and relationships? Enthusiastic people create positive feelings and produce productive energy for their projects and initiatives. The positive impact they have on others is essential in today’s business world.

8. Can they admit to mistakes? Great learners make a lot of mistakes but are always able to take away important lessons from them. Take it as a warning sign if they can’t easily describe their past errors.

9. Do they see learning as pleasure? Great candidates are eager and rapid learners.

10. Is this the kind of learner you want on your team? Remember, you are hiring the person, not their skills. No candidate is perfectly qualified for the position. Look at the actual person in front of you. Are they someone you would want on your team during a business crisis or downsizing?

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