Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Transformational Leaders

When Steve Rizley took over Cox Communications’ Arizona branch in 2000, they had not met budget in 3 years. Today, the branch is a model for organizational effectiveness. What caused the dramatic change? Rizley went to work and immediately focused on the people in the organization. And within two years his transformational leadership style resulted in outstanding growth.

Rather than the transactional leadership mentality which is “I have something you need (money) and you have something I need (labor),” the transformational leader recognizes that there are four human needs that must satisfied in order to encourage efficiency and growth.

1. The need to love and be loved. The transformational leader understands that tough-minded caring is important to being a leader and helping develop a powerful and fully expressed workforce.

2. The need to grow. A transformational leader is able to create a culture that allows people to flourish and to grow as leaders, employees and human beings.

3. The need to contribute. When we contribute in a significant way, we know we belong. To feel empowered, employees must feel their thoughts and ideas are part of a contribution to the whole.

4. The need for meaning. We have to see a bigger purpose. If there is not a clear picture of meaning we are not fully satisfied.

The transformational leader understands that when you meet all four of these needs, people become more passionate about their work and become more engaged and efficient.

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