Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Veteran Spotlight: Brian Schulz

Brian Schulz separated from the Navy in 2007 after having served for eight years as a Naval Flight Officer. Soon after, he accepted a job offer with Medtronic Spinal and Biologics as a Spine Consultant, through Orion International. Three years later, his continued success at Medtronic is a great example of the typical experience found among veterans in the civilian workforce.

Schulz attributes much of his career success to his military background, which he states taught him about teamwork and staying focused on team goals instead of individual goals. “The leadership positions I had in the military have proven invaluable in my civilian career…I have also found the flexibility, adaptability, and ability to manage multiple priorities I learned in the military to be extremely useful,” says Schulz. He goes on to say that veterans have a great sense of professionalism and know how to get things done.

Now working on the hiring side of the interview process with Medtronic, Schulz has great advice for hiring managers interested in hiring veterans. “If I had to tell civilian hiring managers one thing about hiring veterans, it would be ‘Hire them!’”, declares Schulz. He also suggests having someone on the hiring team that’s been in the service and can help interpret resumes, although he does encourage veterans to make their resumes as easily discernible to civilian hiring managers as possible.

Schulz was recently voted the “most valuable person” on his district sales team by his peers. This was personally rewarding for Schulz and illustrated that while he had the least sales experience on the team, he was still seen as an asset by his teammates. He discovered that the leadership, teamwork, and mission focus he learned in the military were directly transferable to his civilian career.

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