Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Four Ideas for a Positive Workplace

People who think positively are more self-aware, innovative and strategic. And those are exactly the type of leaders needed in an organization. While a company’s leaders may not be naturally positive, there are a few key actions to help cultivate positivity throughout the entire workforce.

Express appreciation. Gestures as simple as telling employees they are performing well or saying “thank you” can create a positive buzz throughout the workplace.

Encourage fitness. Feeling positive comes a lot easier when you feel well physically. Eating well and exercising regularly can make a big difference in mood and energy level. You can do a real service by setting up voluntary classes on weight loss, exercise, nutrition, and wellness. Set the tone by taking part in them as well.

Focus on teams. The amount of goodwill that comes from a group accomplishment is often greater than that of a single person’s achievement. This is due largely to the relationships we build and the larger scope of the outcome.

Give skepticism its due. Positivity is highly important in the workplace, but telling people “Everything is great” when it isn’t, does not serve us well either. Skepticism is not the same as negativity and is an important counterpart to positivity.

There are many important tasks that are essential to success. More important is the attitude in which we tackle them. Positivity brings a world of options and opportunities.

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