Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Gemini Energy Services Featured in Windpower Monthly

Gemini Energy Services, a division of Orion International, was featured in this month’s issue of Windpower Monthly Magazine. The article, by Mark Anderson, discusses the $200,000 Department of Energy workforce development grant recently awarded to Gemini. Anderson quotes Mike Starich, President of Orion International and a former Marine Captain, as citing companies including Clipper, Vestas and AES as having enjoyed the benefits military veterans can bring to the job by hiring Gemini employees for permanent positions. "Veterans are used to the travel. But, above all else, it’s their technical skills combined with maturity and the ability to make smart decisions. That makes it a nice fit overall," Starich says.

Jimmy Haley, Gemini’s Director of Operations, tells Anderson that he sees many similarities between working in an engineering plant on navy ships and the technical aspects of wind turbines. "You’ll find the same components in a wind tower that you’ll find in a destroyer on the Pacific Ocean," says Haley. Thanks to this DOE grant and the additional $154,000 committed by Orion, Gemini expects to add considerably to the 40 contract workers it currently employs. Click here to read more.

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