Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Veteran Spotlight: Zachary Humbles

Zachary Humbles transitioned from the Army Corps of Engineers as a Captain in January 2010 and now works in environmental government contracting. In his five months with his civilian employer, Coastal Environmental Group, Humbles has found that his abilities set him apart from his civilian peers. In fact, he has already received a raise and additional responsibility within the company.

When asked by Hire a Hero, Hire a Vet how his time in the Army prepared him for his civilian job, Humbles replied, “…the Army prepared me well for the organization and discipline required for such a dynamic field. Additionally, the operations my company conducts are very similar to down-range operations I experienced as an Engineer Captain.”

Humbles strongly encourages patience and communication for both transitioning military and civilian hiring managers. “Military skills are deeply rooted in veterans and greatly amplify the worth of a given veteran applicant above and beyond non-military applicants,” says Humbles. He goes on to say that veterans possess the determination, expertise, discipline, and motivation to adapt and lead in order to achieve new heights in productivity and quality at a civilian company.

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