Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Veterans Excel in Alternative Energy

Among the many industries in which Orion has seen veterans consistently excel is Alternative Energy. The business of alternative energy is about powering our lives with various renewable such as Wind, Solar and Geothermal energy, which can conserve our non-renewable resources, as well as translate into valuable employment opportunities for many veterans. The alternative energy industry is growing rapidly with careers available in every department from research and development, to plant operations, to environmental ecology and even corporate support functions.

It is in this industry that Orion has placed veterans representing all branches of the United States Armed Forces. One of these placements, Robert McEachron, a former Chief Petty Officer in the Navy, is a great example of how military training translates into success in this industry. “I oversee the entire wind farm site to include 34 employees,” says McEachron of his OMS Site Supervisor position with Clipper Wind Power, “My military background in maintenance played an integral part in landing the interview with Clipper Wind…there [are] a quite a few similarities between the two fields.”

Barbara Amato, Director, Global People & Culture, for Vestas Wind Systems, has found that veterans fit well into her organization. “The men and women we have hired through Orion have a strong value system, dedication to work excellence, and focus on safety that continues to be an excellent fit for the Vestas culture. We hired over 40 technicians through Orion, and these technicians have averaged a better retention rate than those hired by Vestas’ own in-house recruiters,” states Amato.

And it’s not just the hiring managers that are pleased with this union. William Blake, an Academy Graduate and former Captain in the Army, considers his new position with EnergySolutions as a Project Field Engineer to be “a great job.” He goes on to say that he “couldn't really ask for anything more.” Joe Byers, a retired Lieutenant Commander in the Navy, echoes the sentiment when discussing his new position with ConEdison Solutions. “I'm very excited about my new career as an Energy Consultant Project Manager,” says Byers, “Great job Orion!”

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