Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Military Skills Lead to Success

In his recent blog on Harvard Business Review’s website, “Military Skill Sets Lead to Organizational Success,” Chad Storlie examines the military proficiencies that lead to corporate success. Storlie points out that the veteran-to-CEO success stories usually credit their success to their military skill set. Storlie goes on to explore the most common proficiencies these success stories have in common.

Intelligence: The military is constantly engaging in uniform competitive assessments, which is a necessity for any civilian business.

Planning and Preparation: Structured plans are the trademark of the military. However, they are also adept at creating and implementing contingency plans for when conditions change. Many civilian businesses lack this planning.

Execution: In the military, use of the Commander’s Intent, a definition of what mission success will look like, is an essential factor. Service members have to be able to adjust their operation while still keeping the ultimate goal in mind. Application of this skill to the civilian world leads to success through improvisation.

Team Leadership:
Being a good team leader not only motivates the team but creates role models for the entire company.

Subordinate Development: Performance counseling sessions are used in the military by immediate supervisors to address how to make service member a better contributor. This is a useful tool in the civilian world, as well, as it makes each employee more effective.

In conclusion, Storlie points out that when these skills are applied to civilian companies they bring immeasurable value to that organization.

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