Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Veteran Spotlight: Jeff Moehling

Jeff Moehling separated from the Army nearly 11 years ago and celebrated his ten-year anniversary with Eli Lilly in 2010. In the Army, Moehling served as a Critical Care Registered Nurse out of Fort Bliss, Texas, and decided to pursue a career in Pharmaceutical and Medical Sales with the help of Orion International upon transitioning.

Since he initially came on board with Lilly in 2000, Moehling has served in various positions, including training, managerial, and sales roles, and continues to enjoy his job. Hire a Hero, Hire a Vet recently spoke with Moehling about his civilian experience and the role he see veterans playing in the civilian workplace.

“I have yet to come across an executive that isn't looking for the future leaders of his/her company,” says Moehling of his ten years in Corporate America. And it is through hiring veterans that Moehling believes these executives can find their future leaders. He goes on to point out that veterans have proven skills in the areas of leadership, organization, implementation, and assessment.

“The experiences and training veterans have received will prove extremely valuable to civilian companies,” explains Moehling, “The best soldiers are able to lead and motivate those around them.” Finally, Moehling advises hiring authorities to, “Take a close look at our veterans. The future leaders of your company are likely among them.”

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