Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ways to Inspire Your Employees

A recent TowersWatson study shows that only 21 percent of employees are in engaged in their work. A heavier workload and longer hours could be partly to blame. How can you reengage your employees? By inspiring them. Employees need to know their work is making a difference. Here are ways you can inspire, and in turn, reengage your employees.

Share a compelling vision of what tomorrow looks like. Let them know how that vision will improve their lives and the world in general

Explain what’s in it for them. Why should your employees want to reach their goals? How do their goals line up with the organization’s goals?

Share your own story. Tell them what about the company inspires you to obtain your goals.

Communicate with enthusiasm and passion. If it seems like you don’t care, you’re employees won’t either.

Solicit employee input. Let your employees provide their own take on the vision, and then share their response.

Share positive customer feedback. Give them reasons to feel good about what the company does.

Celebrate achievement of milestones. Recognize your employee’s progress and successes along the way.

The important thing is to communicate with employees. The more they understand what the organization’s goals mean to them individually, the more engaged in the vision they will become.

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