Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Performance Review Do's and Don'ts

Annual employee reviews can be stressful for both the reviewing manager and the employee. Here are some tips to reduce anxiety when giving the next performance review.

Start Early. Begin thinking about an employee’s performance review a month ahead of time, and begin preparing it two weeks before deadline.

Look at the whole year. It’s easy to concentrate on the most recent accomplishments or issues an employee has experienced, but it’s important to look at what has happened over the entire year, and take everything into consideration.

Verify Data. If you are unsure of certain details of an employee’s performance, don’t guess. Verify the facts that you have, and research the information you are missing.

Focus on work. Concentrate on work-related and observed behaviors only. Do not play psychotherapist or make any assumptions about an employee’s personal life.

Spend time discussing pay. With so much information to cover in a review, it’s easy to dismiss the discussion of pay until the end. Spend time discussing your employee’s raise and how your company’s salary increase structure works.

Don’t compare. Comparing an individual employee to another will only create friction.

Don’t discipline. Annual reviews are for an overall view of an employee’s performance. If there are issues, or you are displeased with something, do not yell, threaten, or lose your temper. Let the feedback speak for itself.

Don’t dominate. Most of the discussion should be an employee’s reaction to your feedback. Allow them to do most of the talking.

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