Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Risks of Workaholism

Working extra hours to get ahead seems like a great idea to any career-minded individual. But studies are finding that not only can extended work days be counterproductive, they can be dangerous to both your physical and mental health. Check out the list below is to see if you exhibit signs of being a workaholic, and what you can do to prevent the burnout that may result.

Signs you may be a workaholic
Working at home has become routine

You feel bored and unproductive

Work and clients have access to you 24/7 and it interferes with your life

You think you are the best person for the job and refuse to delegate

You are constantly talking about work

Your workday doesn’t stop when everyone else goes home

Are any of these signs familiar to you? If so, you could be in danger. Workaholism has specific health risks associated with it including migraines, disturbed sleep, weakened immune system, heart attack, stroke, increased blood pressure and stomach pains.

Follow these steps to reduce your risks

Have a talk with your supervisor and explain you need more personal time

Focus on long term goals and revaluate what really matters

Don’t bring work home with you

Put time into relationships. Spend quality time with those close to you.

Maintain hobbies. Stay active while you are not working.

Keep social commitments


Take breaks

Stop being a perfectionist. Learn to let things go and focus on what is truly important.

Make yourself dispensable. Train others on some of your responsibilities.

Use your vacation time. Do not work while you are away.

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