Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Veteran Spotlight: Brandon Liebert

Brandon Liebert, a former AH64D Apache Helicopter Crew Chief in the Army, is a Cryogenic Gas Technician with Linde, one of the largest industrial gas suppliers in the world. Prior to his civilian career, Liebert says that working with Nitrogen was the only cryogenic experience he had, but “because I had great success in the military and have always been a fast learner, I knew I would succeed in this career.” And succeed he has; Liebert is celebrating his four-year anniversary this month.

Liebert explains that his military experience has helped his civilian career in a lot of ways. “The military teaches you to be a self-motivated, honest, and hard-working individual.” These qualities must be paying off. During his four years with Linde, Liebert have received multiple raises and anticipates another one very soon.

When asked by Hire a Hero why hiring managers should consider veterans for their positions, Liebert says, “the teamwork, work ethic, and leadership a veteran brings to a team are priceless and can go far within a company. These skills are second to none in most service members.”

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