Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Create a Healthier Workplace

A recent CareerBuilder survey has found that 72 percent of workers still go into work when they are sick. 55 percent of those point to guilt as the reason they insist on working even when under the weather. But what employees fail to realize is that when they show up to work, they are risking spreading their germs to other employees. More than half the workers surveyed said they have gotten sick from a co-worker. This is why it is important for those employees who are truly sick to stay at home.

As a manager, there are tips you can follow to help ensure a healthy and productive workplace.

• Insist that sick employees go or stay home. If they must come in let them work in a space where they are separated from others, such as a conference room.
• If you think you have employees that are reluctant to take a sick day, talk to them. Offer them alternatives such as telecommuting, calling in, or delegating their responsibilities while they are out.
• Provide healthy resources. Make sure items such as hand sanitizers, hand soap, tissues and other supplies are available.
• Develop company telecommuting policies or adjust existing ones. Determine standards for letting employees to telecommute to reduce the potential spread of germs.

The key is to keep the workplace healthy and positive. Preventing the spread of germs by making employees that are sick feel comfortable staying home is an important step to achieve this.

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