Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Military Hiring Strategy Outlined in The American Oil & Gas Reporter

Orion Account Executives Dave Lehmkuhl and Mike Harvey were published last month in the March 2011 issue of The American Oil & Gas Reporter. Their article, “Hiring Military Veterans Calls For Plan”, explores why and how corporations should develop a strategic approach to hiring veterans. Lehmkuhl and Harvey break their suggested plan down into three steps: Develop a strategic plan; Focus and prepare internal resources; and Establish an aggressive, systematic, and thorough hiring process.

Develop a Strategic Plan: Companies with the most successful veteran hiring initiatives also have the most well-thought-out strategy. Lehmkuhl and Harvey suggest that the same amount of planning that goes into identifying growth opportunities each year should also go into creating a hiring strategy for veterans. They point out, too, that the oil & gas industry has done this for quite a while now and in doing so has continually been able to identify strategic areas and positions for which veterans would be a great fit with room for growth. These hiring plans also usually include a goal of hiring a certain percentage of veterans for specific positions, as well as Leadership Development Programs and on-the-job training.

Focus and Prepare Internal Resources: One of the best ways to hire new veteran talent is to leverage the existing veteran talent within the company. While the veterans that already work at a company may not have been hired through a military hiring program, they are often the best asset a company has in developing one. It is also important to guarantee the buy-in of the actual hiring managers who will be managing the new hire. Lehmkuhl and Harvey cite a recent survey that showed that hiring managers attended the initial interviews of 27 out of 30 companies that sought to hire veterans. Once hired, these veterans also need advancement opportunities.

Establish an Aggressive, Systematic, and Thorough Hiring Process: The hiring process must be aggressive in that the company should be actively recruiting for the best talent. It should be systematic in that there should be a defined series of steps with a specific timeline. And finally, it should be thorough in that the screening and interview process should be detailed enough so as to pick the right candidate.

In conclusion, Lehmkuhl and Harvey suggest that to succeed with a military hiring strategy, the interview team should consist of a Human Resources Manager, the hiring manager(s), and an employee with military experience who can best identify a top-tier candidate. Doing this, in addition to the three steps outlined above could mean growth for the company that finds value in veterans. Click here to read the article.

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