Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Most Unusual Business Trip Experiences

Everyone has had odd experiences when traveling for business. But CareerBuilder has collected some of the weirdest in their latest survey:

“Woman next to me asked me for a drink from my water bottle."

“Our plane was stormed by the Columbian military who thought there was a drug lord on board.”

“A client mooned the plane.”

“A drunken passenger next to me insisted my headphones were a bomb.”

“A naked guy tried getting in my cab in Indonesia.”

“U.S. marshals arrested a passenger when the plane landed.”

“A guy next to me had a carry-on bag filled with candy, which he kept offering me over and over and over again.”

“A woman gave birth on the flight.”

“After waking up, I accidentally walked into the hotel’s hallway instead of the restroom in my underwear. Got locked out and could be viewed by the elevator which was all glass windows.”

“Manager punched a co-worker on the plane.”

“Fell asleep in the airplane restroom.”

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