Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Improve Your Post Interview Review

One way to avoid making common hiring mistakes is to conduct a post interview meeting with everyone involved in the hiring process. Start by having multiple people interview the job candidates, and then gather everyone together to share their assessment. Here are some steps to take:

1.Share impressions. Allow each interview to share their notes on the candidate. How do everyone’s notes compare? Were they impressed? By sharing, interviewers can verify their reactions.

2.Encourage open and honest commentary. Emphasize that hiring is too important a decision for anyone to hold back honest impressions.

3.Utilize an interview scorecard. Have all interviewers rank the candidates using an interview scorecard. This process forces clear comparisons between candidates.

4.Beware of primacy and recency. As human beings, we have a tendency to remember what comes first and what comes last and forget anything in between. Warn interviewers against this “primacy and recency” dynamic. If an excellent candidate is interviewed somewhere in the middle of the line up, you don’t want their name getting lost in the shuffle.

5.Create a short list. Exclude anyone who doesn’t have the background or qualifications for the position. Then take both those who are highly qualified and those who have the background to do the job, but may not have communicated their accomplishments as effectively. The latter can often become front runners for the position. When you invite candidates for second interviews, keep everyone in the loop, whether they are involved in the second interview or not.

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