Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Why Junior Military Officers Should be a Part of Your Hiring Plan recently interviewed Brian Henry, Vice President of Officer Recruiting at Orion International, about the current state of the veteran job market. Henry, a former U.S. Marine Corps Major, spent 11 years as an infantry officer before joining Orion as an Account Executive. He then moved through the positions of Recruiter and Operations Manager before being promoted to VP. With upswings in industries such as manufacturing, logistics, energy, and oil and gas, among others, Junior Military Officers (JMOs) are becoming increasingly sought after.

Henry describes the typical JMO with which a recruiting firm like Orion works: “On the officer side, you have a degree, usually a four-year degree, as well as the leadership and management experience that you get out of the military.” This is not to say, however, that these skills are often easily translated to a hiring manager. In fact, Henry says this is one of the biggest challenges transitioning officers face. “A lot of companies are looking at people who have done the exact job before -- with the transitioning military candidate, they may not have done that exact job before, but they'll probably have done something similar, and they'll bring a lot of potential. They already have a lot of well-honed leadership skills, and they'll bring the ability to learn rapidly, assimilate and grow,” explains Henry.

One trend that Henry sees when dealing with hiring managers looking for JMOs as candidates is that a company will ask for specific things in a candidate but end up hiring a veteran who may not fulfill every qualification but rather has a great achievement profile and unlimited potential. Trends like this showcase why JMOs are a hot commodity in the nation’s quickest growing industries and why companies should consider them as a source of talent.

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