Wednesday, June 8, 2011

ManpowerGroup Releases 2011 Talent Shortage Survey Results

ManpowerGroup, Inc. recently released their 2011 Talent Shortage Survey Results of almost 40,000 employers across 39 countries. The survey revealed not only the top ten most difficult position types to fill, but also that one in three employers is experiencing difficulty in filling certain positions due to a lack of available talent. Topping out the list of the top ten most difficult positions to fill are Technicians, Sales Representatives, Skilled Trade Workers, and Engineers. These positions are exactly those that military recruiting firms like Orion International excel at placing by leveraging their extensive network of military talent.

Approximately three-quarters of employers surveyed said that lack of experience, skills, or knowledge is the main reason for not being able to successfully fill these positions. "Though we have seen this need for skilled trades / technicians grow over the years, it was still a surprise that this group was identified as the #1 Toughest-Job-To-Fill,” explains Orion President, Mike Starich, “The U.S. education system and population is not generating the volume of skilled technicians it had in the past. As the #1 provider of military-trained technicians to the world's top companies, we at Orion feel like we have the best kept secret in America, even though we work every day to spread the word on this treasure trove of talent."

The best kept secret in America is, indeed, that veterans are the answer to talent shortages, especially in the areas of technicians, sales professionals, engineers, and skilled workers. Junior Military Officers, Noncommissioned Officers, and Enlisted Technicians should be actively sought to fill these roles, due to the leadership qualities, technical experience, and intangibles they bring to the civilian workplace. And, with over 180,000 veterans transitioning from service each year, the military represents a continually renewing source of talent from which to hire.

Click here to read the complete survey.

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