Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Veteran Spotlight: Jerry Biller

Hire a Hero recently sat down with Jerry Biller, a former Army Infantryman, whom Orion placed with Target Corporation in 1992. Biller graduated from the University of Central Florida in 1989 with a degree in Secondary Education and during his time in the Army, earned Airborne, Air Assault, Ranger Tabs, and the Path Finder torch. He was also selected as the Scout Platoon Leader of the 3rd 187th Division while serving in Desert Storm (Iraq) and was awarded the Bronze Star for leadership in 1991.

The next year, Biller was preparing for another deployment when he learned of Orion International and was able to coordinate an interview through them with Target Corporation in Florida. At that point, Biller elected to utilize the early out program offered at the time to join the Target Team. Target appealed to Biller, because it offered a challenging leadership environment and long term career opportunity, while allowing him to utilize his entrepreneurship skills.

Biller spent the next ten years with Target and was promoted through store leadership positions to Store Team Leader. He ultimately moved to the corporate office in Minnesota as the Manager of Operations for Target Corporation, Asset Protection, overseeing all operating companies of Target Corporation. “My military experience provided me with fine-tuned leadership skills and the foundation to set myself apart from my peer group. My peers in the public arena did not have the same level of developed leadership skills, which were a result of the military training I received,” explains Biller of how his military training affected his career prospects.

Biller is now Director of Market Development for Cal-Tex Protective Coatings, a company that provides aftermarket products and programs to the automotive industry. Biller continues to hire veterans, as he views any military experience as invaluable in helping develop strategic thinking, process driven leaders.

“Employers looking to hire military officers need to be willing to establish a training program that identifies the workforce climate change,” explains Biller, “By doing this, they will see a much greater success rate with their JMO hires. JMO hires can bring a leadership foundation to their organization which most other hires will not possess.”

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