Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Interview Questions to Find Team Players

The old definition of “team player” has changed. The term that once meant someone who always supports the company program is now a bit more complicated to define. Today, managers who are looking to recruit team players should look for candidates who can provide meaningful feedback, raise questions appropriately, work well with all colleagues and prioritize over their own success.

To gain insight into a candidate’s mindset and figure out if they are a modern team player, consultant Glenn Parker, Skillman, N.J., author of Team Players and Teamwork, Completely Updated and Revised: New Strategies for Developing Successful Collaboration, suggests incorporating the following interview questions:

• You are on your way to the first meeting of a new project team, what questions are on your mind?
• What does it mean to be a good team player?
• Let’s say you’re on a virtual team (you’ve never met most of your teammates.) How can you develop trust with your teammates?
• Is it possible to be a good team player and yet disagree with your manager?
• Is it more important for a team player to have solid technical skills or effective interpersonal skills?
• In today’s fast-paced, global, technology world, what team attributes are going to be most valuable?
• In this organization, you will most likely work with several teams, each with separate goals. How will you adapt your style as you move from team to team?
•Imagine you are a member of a project team. One of your teammates is pushing the team to come up with an overarching goal, specific objectives and a timeline. You are frustrated by all this talk -- you want to get to work on the tasks at hand, given the challenging deadline imposed by management. How should you react?

Team players are an asset to any company. Adding these questions to your interview routine can help you discover which candidates fit into this important group.

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