Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Office Changes Employees Want Now

What is on your employee’s wish list? A recent survey asked employees what they would change to improve their office environment. Among their desires:

• Eliminating office politics (44 percent)
• Allowing or encouraging telecommuting (41 percent)
• Upgrading computers and other office technology (37 percent)
• Getting nicer or more comfortable office furniture (35 percent)
• Providing more private work areas and more flexible work hours (tied at 34 percent each).

While some items on the list might not be in your budget, you can still make small changes that are cost efficient. Staples offer these tips for improving the office in ways that both sides will appreciate.

1. Supply the kitchen or break room with nutritious snacks that will keep employees energized and productive.
2. Research updated options for old technology. Many items such as printers and wireless networks have advanced a great deal and come with a smaller price tag.
3. Consider revamping office décor. Small changes such as replacing one or two pieces of worn out furniture or updating the conference room could do the trick.
4. Invest in technology that makes telecommuting easy.
5. Consider employee privacy concerns when making updates. Many new office furniture options have ways to increase privacy for employees.

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