Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tips for Engaging Employees

Ask for help. Remind your team they are part of a decision making process by posing important questions regarding your department.

Notice what gets done. Instead of focusing on what hasn’t been accomplished yet, comment on a job well done at least once a day.

Solicit ideas for improvement. Ask your employees for their thoughts on the operations of the department.

Act swiftly when needed. When there is a concern or a need for action in the office, show your employees that their concerns are worth evaluating by acting quickly.

Make time to listen. However you schedule your time to speak with each employee, stick to it.

Say thanks often. Don’t be afraid of excessive praise. Giving thanks daily makes a difference to your team and improves morale among your employees.

Admit to being imperfect. Employees don’t want to feel like they have to attain perfection. Admit to your mistakes, and ask employees how they would have made decisions differently.

Get moving.
Meet regularly with employees and see if they are waiting on any action from you. Move just as quickly on your employees’ requests as you would for a boss.

Don’t talk about your employees behind their backs. It’s tempting to discuss your team’s shortcomings at a management meeting, but save your feedback for the individual whom it concerns.

Tell them what you want. Explain exactly what you want from each employee and clearly lay out expectations for him or her.

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