Wednesday, February 1, 2012

3 Tips for Successful Onboarding

Supporting the orientation and onboarding of new team members is an important strategy in building your brand as an employer. It also increases the odds that a new employee will stay with your organization. But successful onboarding requires more than just an orientation program and welcome packet. Here are three actions you can take to ensure you support new employees.

1.Plan Ahead. Prior to the new employee starting, make sure their workstation, office supplies, and equipment are all in place. Being unprepared for their arrival will not only be frustrating to the new employee, but makes the company appear unprofessional. Consider assigning a peer to the employee that they are able to speak with in relation to the daily operations and for support.

2.Make time to talk. As the new employee’s manager, take the time to get together and speak with them, ideally at the beginning or end of the first day. Also, schedule time to meet with them again at the end of the first week. This also provides the opportunity to give them any feedback on their first week’s performance.

3.Put the role into context. Reinforce key account-abilities, relationships and objectives important to their Agreeing on performance criteria up front will ensure the candidate is clear on what is expected of them and sets them up for success in their new role.

Following through with these three steps will support you in building your brand as an employer and assist in new hires getting off to a great start.

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