Wednesday, March 28, 2012

8 Qualities of Star Employees

All employers can agree on the elements and characteristics of what makes a good employee – responsible, diligent, self-starter, etc., but what turns a “good” employee into a “great” employee? Inc. Magazine offers a list of eight qualities that make a truly noteworthy employee.

1. They ignore job descriptions. Most significant in a smaller organization, the remarkable employee adapts quickly to changing positions, and will do whatever is necessary to ensure the job is finished, even if it is not in their “job title.”

2. They’re eccentric. People with unusual personalities shift a very vanilla group into one worth noting. Their quirks and oddities help them to naturally think outside the box, often coming up with the best ideas.

3. But they know when it dial it back. An eccentric personality knows when to reign in their unusual qualities, especially when a situation becomes stressful. A notable employee strikes the perfect balance between being serious and when to joke.

4. They publicly praise. Praise from a fellow coworker can sometimes feel even more rewarding than a boss’s approval. A remarkable employee recognizes the efforts and input of others, especially in a group setting.

5. They privately complain. Noteworthy employees come to you in private with delicate issues, rather than disrupting a group setting.

6. They speak when others won’t. A notable employee senses the issues that others are either afraid or unwilling to address, and will step up and ask questions and raise awareness when others are reluctant.

7. They like to prove others wrong. This type of self-motivation drives a remarkable employee to do more than just a “good job,” usually stemming from a deeper, more personal level.

8. They’re always fiddling. A great employee is rarely satisfied, and is constantly finding new ways to make a project or process even better, regardless of whether it is expected of them or not.

Remarkable employees can have a positive impact not only on other coworkers, but also on your company as a whole. Look for these successful qualities and behaviors in your future job seekers.

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