Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Veteran Spotlight: Jim Green

Jim Green began his civilian career as a Team Leader with EJ Gallo Winery in 2006, following his retirement from the Army where he served as a Career Counselor. Hire a Hero, Hire a Vet recently spoke with Green about his career progression over the last six years. Green started out in a basic level leadership position, where he led a team of 35 drivers who shipped wine every night, five nights a week. “From there, my knowledge enabled me to take a position in Inventory Control as a Business Systems Analyst. The opportunities are endless here,” states Green.

Green explains that his leadership and technical skills initially got him hired. “During the interview process the habit of speaking and manners of speaking to an officer came in handy to convey to the interviewer that I was respectful and had leadership experience. The main concern Gallo had when they were doing the interview was leadership experience, and, after twenty six years in the military, it was easy to demonstrate both experience and potential,” says Green.

The take-charge attitude that is inherent in the military came in handy one night at work when a fork truck caught fire. “I grabbed a nearby extinguisher and doused the fire; and, when the flames had subsided, I removed the external fuel tank eliminating any possible danger to the people standing around. (I was recognized by the company for this.) I do believe the experiences I had in an unsafe environment enabled me to keep a cool head and take charge,” recalls Green.

“Veterans have endured change, and, to that point, they can adjust to anything. The ‘can-do’ and ‘get-it-done’ attitude that is typical of the military mindset makes us different from our civilian counterparts,” says Green of why veterans are of such value in the workplace, “Veterans have had the task of proving themselves, and a veteran who is retiring has done the things needed to get the job done for quite some time. It is qualities like these that make a veteran a good asset to any company they join.

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