Friday, July 6, 2012

Monster Releases their Latest Veteran Talent Index

In their second release of their Veteran Talent Index since its inception in November 2011, Monster sheds light on an increasingly positive trend among employers toward hiring veterans. The May 2012 Employer Veterans Hiring Index, a monitor of how employers who have hired multiple veterans in the past year compare work performance to non-veteran employees, surveyed over 900 employers. And, while the Index dropped three points from 74 to 71, it does indicate an overall increase in confidence in veteran employees.

The Index revealed a 3 point increase over last year in employers who had hired more than one veteran within the past year, rising from 70% to 74%. A whopping 99% of employers surveyed felt their veteran employees’ work experience was the same or much better than non-veteran workers and the same percentage would recommend hiring a veteran.

These employers also reported that veterans were the best qualified candidate for the job. Interestingly, survey results showed that this may not be due to the veterans’ work and military experience as much as to their much needed special skills and talents. Additionally, many jobs (72% according to the Talent Index) require less than five years of work experience, while a vast majority of veterans (83%) have more than five years of military experience.

Monster’s Veteran Talent Index includes this recommendation for employers:
Military personnel have a reputation for being flexible. Companies that hire veterans will frequently mention this flexibility among their reasons for targeting that demographic. Included in this label is geographic flexibility.  Most military personnel change assignments every two or three years. Many of these job changes require a geographic displacement.
Finally, the Index gives six tips for employers looking to hire veterans:
  1. Understand Basic Military Culture
  2. Use Military Language in Job Descriptions: This is important if the job is specifically relevant to a candidate with a military background.)
  3. Make Your Job Description Specific: This will allow the veteran to understand how their skills and experience are applicable and transferable.
  4. Ask the Right Questions to Veterans: Ask about military and civilian training as well as their experience and why they are qualified to do the job.
  5. Leverage O*NET’s Military-Civilian Crosswalk: Use this tool to find Military Occupational Classification Codes for the job you are looking to fill and consider using  these codes in your job description.
  6. Hire Veterans for the Right Reasons: Dont hire a veteran just because it is patriotic or for the tax break. They should be the right candidate for the job.

This Index is a great indicator of an ever growing trend toward hiring veterans. It also shows that those that do hire veterans are happy with their choice, continue to hire more veterans, and would recommend that other employers hire veterans as well. The Employer Veterans Hiring Index reveals what we here at Hire a Hero already know: Veterans are a great asset to any company looking to expand their workforce with talented, innovative, hardworking employees.

Click here to read the full report.

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