Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Five Qualities of Extraordinary Bosses

The key to a great company starts not with the employees, but with the managers. Follow these five characteristics and watch as your employers and ultimately your business head down the path to success.
1. Develop every employee. While reaching goals, accomplishing set targets, and achieving results are noteworthy, a successful company begins with its employees. Without successful employees, those goals, results, and targets will never be accomplished. As a manager, it is your job to help all employees be more adept at their job, by providing training and mentoring opportunities that they need and deserve. By doing so, you create a job that becomes more meaningful, with progress, improvement, and personal achievement top qualities that your employees now find in their positions.
2. Deal with problems immediately. Small problems often turn into bigger ones, especially issues such as interpersonal quarrels, performance issues, and hostility between departments. Plus, when you ignore a problem, your employees lose respect for you – without respect, you can’t lead. Deal with each issue directly, regardless how insignificant the problem may seem to you.
3. Rescue your worst employee. Almost every company has an employee whom others view as a “weak link,” whether they failed to complete a task or can’t keep up with the work demands. Before you write off the employee, put your full effort into trying to restore the employee instead. Express your confidence in their abilities and encourage them to succeed. Most importantly, let them know that you support them. When they do thrive, you will have helped to make a difference in a person’s professional and personal life, as well.
4. Serve others, not yourself. Remember that your company works as a team. When employees excel, the business excels. A manager’s success should be reflected, and never direct. Never put yourself in the limelight, even for a short time. Consistently act as though you are less important than your employees, and everyone will know how important you really are.
5. Always remember where you came from. Keep in mind that to some employees, especially new ones, you are somewhat “famous,” and they may want to spend time with you, chatting about something minor and taking up valuable time. Remarkable managers do not blow the employee off, but instead view the time as an opportunity to inspire, reassure, and motivate. Do not forget to be humble, and always remember your roots.
Remarkable managers are the first step to a successful company. Consistently follow these five actions and everything will follow.
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