Wednesday, October 24, 2012

How to Make your Careers Website Veteran-Friendly

Whether you use a recruiting firm or are directly recruiting veterans, at some point in the hiring process, veteran candidates will visit your careers website. And what they find there can sway their opinion of your company and positions. A recent article on by Amy Chulik gives a lot of useful tips from Lisa Rosser to help make your company’s careers website a veteran candidate magnet.

Rosser suggests that you ask four questions about your site to help determine how military-friendly it is:
  • Can military veterans “find” themselves on the home page?
  • Do they get the sense they could have a place in your organization?
  • Can they see examples of people just like them who have successful careers in your company?
  • Can they learn more about your company quickly and easily when it comes to things like your mission, how you are organized, and the types of careers available?
Additionally, employers should follow these tips:
Tips on Promoting your Veteran Initiatives:

Promote things like:
  • Press releases of your work with veterans
  • Partnerships & affiliations
  • Awards / recognition 
  • Company policies that are appealing to veterans
  • Statistics 
Finally, include a statement like: “We have career opportunities for military veterans, including those with service-connected disabilities”, so that all veterans feel welcome.

In order to attract veterans, Hire a Hero understands that it is important to speak their language. Rosser's tips, as listed above, can help employers overcome this barrier and attract quality veteran applicants.

Click here to read the article.

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