Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Military-to-Civilian Translation: What Experience does Rank Infer?

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To the uninitiated, military rank does not automatically correlate to a certain level of experience. And for this reason, many hiring managers miss out on completely qualified veteran candidates. While there are exceptions, the information below is a good rule of thumb for anyone looking to tap into a this experienced talent pool. Don't get left behind; hire a Vet!

Junior Military Officers
Junior Military Officers (JMOs) have earned a BS or BA in Engineering, Management, or Humanities. Many have advanced degrees. Many JMO candidates have served in the military between four and ten years and possess leadership experience unmatched by their civilian peers. US News & World Report (November 2008) named U.S. Junior Military Officers as “America’s Best Leaders,” due to the circumstances under which they have led their troops. JMOs are ideal for positions in Engineering, Leadership, Operations Management, and Sales.

Noncommissioned Officers
Noncommissioned Officers (NCOs) are senior enlisted personnel in a direct leadership role, with seven to 20+ years of military experience. NCOs are the primary military leaders responsible for executing the mission and training military personnel. They have extensive training in leadership and management, as well as combat, service-specific and specialized technical training. Many have college degrees. NCOs are ideal for Technical, Maintenance, and Field Service Management and Supervisory positions.

Enlisted Technicians
Enlisted Technicians possess strong technical qualifications and training as Electrical, Electronics, and Mechanical Technicians. They have served in the military at least three years, and have world-class technical training, hands on experience, and excel in any situation, no matter how difficult. They are ideal for positions in Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, Maintenance, Field Service, Operations, and Technical Supervision.

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