Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Do’s and Don’ts of Halloween at the Office

Halloween is celebrated differently by each company. Some barely acknowledge the day is any different and others go all out complete with a party and costume contest.  Wherever your office falls in that spectrum, here are some guidelines to celebrating Halloween at work.

Keep the general dress code guidelines in mind. Stick to normal dress guidelines and safety regulations. When in doubt, run ideas by your boss.

The boss sets the tone. If your boss encourages you to dress up go for it. If they say no, then you shouldn’t.

Don’t be disruptive.  Having a simple candy display at your desk is reasonable. Decking your whole cubicle out in witches and goblins and playing a scary soundtrack all day might be disruptive to your coworkers.

Be a good sport. If Halloween isn’t your thing, but your boss loves it try to play along. (Of course if you have religious objections or just don’t want to participate you can’t be required to legally.)

Don’t demand participation. Recognize that Halloween festivities might not be on everybody’s favorites list. Respect each employee’s feelings.

Get specific permission before altering a uniform. Make sure any tweaks you plan to make are authorized by your boss first.

Halloween can be a fun time for any office as long as there is respect and moderation.

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