Wednesday, November 28, 2012

How to Survive Your Holiday Party

With the holidays fast approaching, it’s time for many offices to hold their annual holiday parties. While this can be a time to relax, have fun, and take a little break from the daily grind, for others it can be a time to stress over the correct etiquette over an office event. Below are some tips for making your office holiday party a good one.

Don’t overdrink. While many offices have alcohol on hand for those who wish to relax and have fun, there is a fine line between drinking a little too excessively. Be sure to monitor your alcohol intake throughout the party. You don’t want to be the topic of discussion around the water cooler on Monday about your antics!

Dress appropriately. It’s a good rule of thumb for any office party to wear something that you could wear to the office, at least on casual Fridays. If you have to second guess your holiday party outfit over whether or not it is appropriate, chances are it’s not. 

Network – but not overly so. An office party is a good time to get to know your boss or other higher ups in a setting that is not intimidating. However, don’t try too hard to win your boss’s or others affections, as it can have a negative undertone and feel insincere.

Have fun! Perhaps the most important thing to do at an office holiday party is to relax and have fun. Reflect on the goals that you’ve accomplished over the last year, and celebrate your efforts and hard work. Remember that the holiday party is a special event created by your company to recognize the hard work of their employees.

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  1. Awesome tips!
    I thing each and every person should implement the same in their lives.