Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Veteran Work Ethic

Are you thinking about beginning a military recruiting program for your company but aren't sure of the type of work ethic or mindset military candidates may have when coming to work for you? It helps to understand the traits that made them successful in the military when recruiting from this talent-rich labor pool.  And while these four attributes may not be universally true across the board, they do illustrate why you need to be hiring veterans.

Ability to work well with others: Serving in the military is not something done in a vacuum. Service members are constantly interacting and relying upon others to complete tasks necessary to the success of their own.

Team Leadership: Building on the trait above, no man is an island in the military. Men and women are given responsibility for a team of people at a young age. And their teams are tasked with mission-critical duties. Often, their counterparts in the civilian world would never be given such leadership roles.

“Work-until-the-work-is-done” mentality: There is no 9-to-5 day in the military. Service members do not pack up at the end of the day whether or not their work is done.  Certainly, they understand that they have a “quitting time” in the civilian world; however, they work harder to get the job done before that time.

Adherence to procedures: The military thrives on procedure and assuring that each task is done a certain way each time. Therefore, veterans are used to following specific guidelines to correctly complete a task the first time. This is not to say that veterans cannot think outside the box, though! Veterans excel when given the opportunity to affect change in their civilian careers.

These are just four of the many traits that make veterans valuable employees and leaders for your company. To learn more, please check this comprehensive list of qualities inherent in these top-notch job seekers.

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