Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Office Romance: How to Handle it Effectively in Your Workplace

As everyone prepares for Valentine’s Day tomorrow, remember that with the holiday comes office romances, which may be an issue in your workplace. While you may think that employee relationships are uncommon, or something that the media over exaggerates, a 2011 study conducted by CareerBuilder found that 40 percent of workers admit to having dated a co-worker, while 30 percent have ended up marrying someone that they met at work.

With these statistics, it is important to develop guidelines for potential office romances, not only for the safety of your company, but also for the safety of your employees. Below are some tips on how to maneuver the tricky office romance issue.

Set up an office policy. If there isn’t a workplace romance policy in your office already, make it a priority to implement some guidelines. Make sure that your employees are aware that there is a policy in place, and make sure that everyone understands and is on the same page with the issue.

Create some “ground rules.” Similar to creating an office policy, setting up a written agreement between office couples allows both parties to be aware of appropriate and non-appropriate actions in the office, and helps to stop any potential problems before they begin.

Offer education. Most of your employees are probably unaware of the protocol when it comes to office romances. It might be a good idea to remind employees about the office policy surrounding the issue. Create a welcoming and open environment in your workplace, so employees feel comfortable to ask questions and become educated on the issue.

Office romance isn’t something that needs to be a problem for your company. Be honest and open with your employees about love in the workplace, and be sure to handle office relationships when they begin.Source

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