Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ensco Careers Featured in GI Jobs Magazine

Ensco plc, an Orion Featured Employer and former Top 100 Military-Friendly Employer, was recently featured in an Occupation Profile in G.I. Jobs magazine, where author Dan Fazio experienced what life is like for veterans who work on their offshore rigs. In the article, Fazio not only gives detailed descriptions of two key positions on the rigs, but he also speaks with veterans onboard. The subtitle to Fazio’s article describes his view of a veteran’s career with Ensco in a nutshell: “Military veterans working on offshore rigs find high-paying jobs, great benefits and six months of R&R every year”.

Fazio boards the ENSCO 8506, their newest ultra-deepwater semisubmersible oil rig, and finds that veterans are just the men and women for the particular lifestyle that is offshore drilling. He speaks with veterans onboard, Steven Matzen and Allen Vineyard. Matzen, an Army veteran and Electrical Technician with Ensco, explains, “It’s almost like you’re deployed for these mini-rotations. They have great benefits, just like the military does. The pay is very good. And with the economy the way it’s going, I think the oil field is only going to get better. (Veterans) that are looking for a job, I think there are numerous opportunities to excel.”

Hired in August 2012 as a Roustabout, Matzen was promoted to Electrical Technician in January 2013. He gives a description of what life was like as a Roustabout, including a mention of Seafood night (every Saturday where they make gumbo) and tells Fazio, “If you have ambition, you’ll be able to make it in the oil field.”

Vineyard, an Air Force veteran and Electrician, also gives a detailed description of his job. He describes Ensco’s emphasis on safety when he explains, “Before we start any kind of job we sit down and we assess the risks and hazards. And you put into place plans to avoid any kind of risk or hazard so no one gets hurt.” In fact, Ensco has established a safety performance record that consistently exceeds industry averages.

Both Matzen and Vineyard were promoted within six months of beginning their career with Ensco, which Fazio points out is a testament to how well veterans can do in this industry. “I think that this industry is a great opportunity to advance whatever field you’re involved in. There’s a big opportunity to learn more, since Ensco provides me with training and an opportunity to move up – to advance. It’s been a good move for me,” he tells Fazio. With a corporate culture geared toward hiring trained military technicians to support the operations and maintenance of their drilling units, Ensco understands that there is no better place to recruit from than the United States military.

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