Wednesday, June 19, 2013

How to Make Employees 'Stick'

While there may be several reason an employee leaves a company, there are four common reasons that employers can easily address to improve their employee retention.

1. Limited career/promotion opportunities. Every employee should be analyzed to be sure that their own personal career goals and ambitions align with what the company can reasonably offer. If the employee wants more than the company is willing to give, then there is a chance that they will leave early for a better opportunity.

2. Supervisor lacked respect/support. It is important to define an employee’s preferred style of management before a hire. If the employer’s management style does not match the employee’s, not only will they leave earlier than expected, but friction within the office could occur.

3. Compensation. Focus on candidates whose main motivation is not compensation. Employees who value culture, training and advancement opportunities will appreciate the extra non-monetary benefits and are less likely to leave.

4. Job duties boring/no challenge. Be clear with employees of every aspect of their job, including duties, responsibilities, etc. When an employee is aware of every facet of their position, they know what to expect and are less likely to become dissatisfied in the future.

Your company does not have to suffer from poor employee retention. Keep the tips above in mind when hiring, and find a worthwhile employee with staying power.

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