Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Are Temp-to-Perm & Contract Veteran Staffing Services Right for Your Company?

As more and more companies turn to veterans to help their companies operate, grow, and prosper, some companies are left in a position where they need the talent veterans possess, but are unable to add to their permanent headcount. When paying recruiting fees is not an option, Temp-to-Perm and Contract Staffing may be your best bet. 

In fact, a January 2013 article on states that, according to CareerBuilder’s annual hiring forecast, 40% of companies plan to hire more temporary and project-based workers in 2013, up from 36% in 2012. The article also points out that 42% of these employers plan to promote some of these temporary workers into full-time employee roles within the next 12 months.

These companies are realizing that hiring temp-to-perm or contract employees not only maximizes return on investment on talent, but also lowers risk and overhead cost. Temp-to-Perm and Contract labor also allows companies to effectively staff a Variable Workforce, or evaluate a candidate over a period of time before extending a permanent employment offer.

Why Military Talent?

Military Veterans are uniquely qualified and possess mechanical aptitude, as well as a wealth of intangibles, such as outstanding work ethic, self-discipline, eagerness to excel, and proven performance under the most difficult of circumstances. Veterans are drug-free, focused on safety, and physically fit. Physical fitness is of great importance in the military, and generally speaking, veterans are in good physical condition. This translates into cost savings for employers on health premiums and claims filed by veterans. 

It is estimated that businesses spend $170 billion a year on costs associated with occupational injuries and illnesses. Military professionals are trained to work efficiently while physically overexerted and with quick, precise reactions, which can help lower these costs. Additionally, veterans have served in combat and are accustomed to working long shifts and in adverse conditions.

What to Expect from Temp-to-Perm and Contract Staffing Providers

Recruitment of military Operators, Technicians, Supervisors & Engineers
Background checks, drug testing, and employment verification
Serve as the Employer of Record
EEO Compliance
Payroll / benefits administration
Liability / Workers Compensation coverage
Legal & HR Compliance Assurance

Positions Typically Filled

Equipment Operators
Production Supervisors
Operations Supervisors
Assembly Line Workers
Field Service Technicians
Field Service Engineers
Test Technicians
Manufacturing Technicians
EHS Supervisors
Quality Engineers
Project Engineers

Who’s Using These Types of Hiring Programs?

Companies like Schlumberger, the world's largest oilfield services company, and GE Energy Services are among the company’s taking advantage of this recruiting model. Schlumberger’s Temp-to-Perm Equipment Operators are deployed throughout remote locations in the South Central US. Depending on Schlumberger's business needs, they are able to respond quickly to hiring ramps and bridge any gaps in manpower needed in just a few weeks thanks to Variable Workforce Staffing. 

GE Energy has contracted over 85 Field Service Technicians from Orion International since October 2009 who currently has 30 full-time Field Service Professionals, 2 part-time, and 3 Managers / Administrators, working on 2 different teams.

Is Variable Staffing Right for Your Company?

When evaluating your hiring needs, add temp-to-perm and contract staffing as an option for integrating veterans into your workforce. Not only are you tapping into an outstanding source of dependable talent for seasonal or project work, you adding a valued member to your team!

To learn more about Orion’s Temp-to-Perm and Contract Veteran Staffing Services, please click here.

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