Wednesday, August 28, 2013

How to Avoid Leadership Derailment

There are so many examples of leadership gone wrong in today’s society. Leadership isn’t always easy, and there is no simple answer. But mostly, it’s not always about what needs to be done, but how you direct and motivate your team to accomplish it. Below are some of the ways the best leaders approach their jobs.

Communication. Listening to your team and customers should be a priority. Conduct focus groups and regular feedback sessions. Listen to what your employees are saying.

Coaching. Enlist a personal coach to help you build on your strengths and improve weaknesses.

Planning. Don’t just provide strategies for your team, check in on their progress. Sit in on meetings and pay attention.

Recognition. Create a system of recognition. Send notes of congratulations or visit in person to recognize team members who are making progress or exceeding goals.

Accessibility. As a leader, you want to be accessible. You learn invaluable information this way and truly make your leadership effective.

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