Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Military Talent Programs, Part 2: How to Attract, Hire, Develop and Retain Top Military Talent

Last week, we reviewed the four necessary steps to build a successful Military Talent Program. Each step is a valuable piece in building a base of veteran employees. This week, we'll look at how two major companies have put Military Talent Programs into practice and are reaping the benefits.

Siemens, a leader in electronics and electrical engineering, operating in the industry, energy, healthcare, and infrastructure & cities sectors, is among the many companies leveraging an Orion Military Talent Program to develop themselves as an Employer of Choice for veterans. Siemens contended with a lack of recognition as a great place to work within the military community. Through the creation of a comprehensive program including targeted web marketing and news coverageSiemens was positioned as a ‘best-in-class’ employer of Veterans and has experienced an increase in federal business.

The Senior Director of Talent Acquisition at Siemens explains his company’s relationship with Orion: “Our long-standing partnership with Orion has helped to fill Siemens’ ranks with talented men and women leaving military service."

Semiconductor chip manufacturer Intel is another example of how a customized Military Talent Program can help to meet a specific hiring need in a strategic way. As the company prepared for new production facilities, they discovered limited experienced industry talent and limited manager availability. 

The solution was to create an aggressive Intel hiring calendar, utilizing metrics to develop best fits by role, coupled with an aggressive brand marketing campaign, as illustrated in the news clip below. The company's Military Talent Program led to over 500 candidates hired in a 12 month period, with a first interview to offer ratio of 74%, and a 98% retention rate for candidates hired through this program.

Military recruiting is best leveraged through a Military Talent Program that enables companies to attract, hire, and retain the most qualified employees the military has to offer. Whether it be through exclusive on-site hiring events, regional and national hiring conferences, or direct submittals, Orion puts our 22+ years’ experience in military hiring to work to help you build a program that will meet your companies need. To learn more about how you can implement a customized, full-cycle Military Talent Program, click here

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