Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Three Ways to Make Veterans Part of Your Team

When it comes to recruiting veterans, there are three effective methods for candidate delivery: Contingent Fee-Per-Hire Recruiting, Military Talent Programs, and Temp-to-Perm/Contract Staffing Services. Each method has its benefits depending on your company’s goals and should be considered by any businesses looking to hire from the very talented group of 220,000 men and women leaving the military each year.  

Contingent Fee-Per-Hire Recruiting

Contingent Fee-Per-Hire Recruiting includes Hiring Conferences (not to be confused with Job Fairs), National Distinguished Candidate Conferences, Mini-Conference®, and Direct Submittal:

A hiring conference is an opportunity to interview up to qualified, prescreened candidates, all in a single day. You will have the opportunity to conduct a presentation to your selected candidates before their interviews and participate in a networking event. The average selection rate per lineup for interviews conducted through an Orion conferences is over 50%, with a hire cycle time at less than 21 days. Learn more about Orion Hiring Conferences.

Orion's National Distinguished Candidate Conferences are your opportunity to interview the very best Military Officers for positions in Engineering, Sales, Leadership Development and Operations Management. In 2013, more than 170 client companies strategically hired Orion's Military Officers through our Distinguished Candidate Conferences, with nearly 50% making multiple hires. Distinguished Candidate Conferences enable you to develop a strong pipeline of future leaders and foster strategic organizational growth. Learn more about our Distinguished Candidate Conferences. Learn more about our Distinguished Candidate Conferences.

Orion’s Mini-Conferences® are for preferred clients with multiple and high-volume recruiting needs. These private, on-site hiring events feature candidates brought to you. You will be able to complete all presentations, interviews and testing in just one day, with no travel involved if done onsite. The average hire rate from these events is 70%, with cycle time to hire of less than 5 days. There is no faster or more efficient way to fill multiple positions.

Lastly, if you are unable to attend a Hiring Conference or are time constricted with a high priority position, your recruiter can directly submit qualified candidates for pre-arranged interviews. You can conduct these interviews at your convenience without the need to travel.

Military Talent Programs

Orion International is proud to have developed a truly innovative practice in military hiring, with the creation of our full-cycle customized Military Talent Programs. Our Military Talent Programs decrease cost-per-hire by as much as 25%, allowing for consistent budgeting. Our clients enjoy an increased level of customer service, access to exclusive Orion resources, a consistent pipeline of high-quality candidates, and dedicated recruiting assets.

These programs will create a customized hiring solution for your talent needs, while positioning your organization as an Employer of Choice for transitioning military professionals through a Brand Marketing campaign and a training curriculum to educate HR, TA, and Hiring Managers on hiring Military talent.

Your organization will enjoy increased customer service, a greater range of candidates, and decreased cost, resulting in an efficient, effective hiring solution, created specifically for your company's culture and workforce requirements. Success is measured through our metric tracking and reporting process, ensuring program success. Learn more about Orion's military talent programs. You can also read more about these programs here.

Temp-to-Perm / Contract Staffing

Through Orion's Contract and Temp-to-Perm Staffing division, you gain access to military contract labor to support your workforce. The military is an outstanding source of dependable talent for seasonal or project work, without adding permanent headcount. Both contract and temp-to-perm options allow you to evaluate a candidate over a period of time prior to extending a permanent employment offer. Learn more about Orion's temp-to-perm and contract staffing services.

No matter which way your company chooses to go about, once you hire a veteran, you will learn what so many of our clients know and leverage: veteran employees can be the answer to even your most complex workforce needs.

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