Wednesday, February 26, 2014

How to Hire Motivated and Engaged Employees

Every company wants employees that are going to learn, grow, display leadership skills, decrease turnover rate, and ultimately bring an increase on a company’s investment. . But what traits and characteristics help point to the ideal employee, one who is passionate and approaches their work with enthusiasm and energy?

Building such a team is hard, but it can be done. It starts with recruiting the right talent for your company. A study by Developmental Dimensions International (DDI), a global consulting firm, concluded that there is a combination of six personal characteristics that can predict a candidate’s ability to be able to excel at any given job.

Use the following traits below to help you find your next candidate that will make a positive impact on your company.

Passion – Employees that are driven by passion are excited about their work and the work your company does. They will remain driven even after the “honeymoon” period of a job has ended, and will continue to produce quality work. Focus on an applicant’s intelligence and their ability to learn new things and ability to apply newfound knowledge to their position.

Work Ethic – Look for employees that thrive in a competitive environment and see challenges not as obstacles, but as hurdles to sail over. Employees with an excellent work ethic always give their best every day, and are consistent.

Integrity – A motivated employee begins with an individual with a good reputation and a solid character.

Resiliency – Look for an employee who is able to recover from mistakes, learn from them, and move on, providing your company with a better product in the future.

Positive Energy – Hire employees with a positive outlook on life that don’t mind change. Their sunny disposition will create a welcoming and positive workplace.

Culture Fit – This is something that cannot be taught or developed, and may vary for each company. Keep the dynamic and work environment of your company in mind when evaluating a potential employee.

With these traits in mind, consider hiring a military candidate through Orion International as the next member of your team. Military job seekers possess many of the traits above and more, including leadership, teamwork, performance under pressure, to name a few. In addition, military job seekers possess experience unmatched by their peers and have demonstrated their performance in stressful situations time and time again. Hiring a military member is a guarantee that you are hiring a motivated and engaged employee.


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