Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Veteran Spotlight: Jeff Townsend

This week, Hire a Hero is happy to catch up with Orion alumnus Jeff Townsend, who has spent the last few months settling into his new career. When Townsend began his career with Pulte Homes as a Field Manager, his prior experience included serving as a Military Police at Fort Polk and working for a civilian logistics company.

Townsend tells us that his new Project Management career fits very well with his experience in the Army as an officer. “As an officer, you learn to teach yourself different skills and trades. You also learn to manage people and projects, even those that you have no experience in,” explains Townsend, “Finally, the military preaches dedication and attention to detail, which are vital in my current role.

Although he has only been with Pulte for a few months, Townsend feels like he has been set up for success by his time in the Army. Although he had no construction knowledge, his ability to manage people, make decisions, and work through problems has proven to be essential. Townsend goes on to say that learning a new trade (construction) is very similar to what the military asks of an officer. “I had the confidence and patience to know that I will learn it, like I had done before in the Army,” says Townsend.

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