Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Orion International COO Tim Isacco Interviewed for USA Today

Orion International’s Chief Operating Officer Tim Isacco was interviewed last week for USA Today about the recent battle for veterans to find a job in the private sector in response to the Bureau of Labor Statistics recent report on the condition of veteran unemployment in America.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics report, about one in 11 of returning veterans (or 9 percent) was jobless in 2013, with those who had been deployed to both wars having the highest jobless rates of 10 percent or more. Those hit hardest by this surge of unemployment is the infantry.

“Unfortunately, they are the ones doing most of the fighting and they have the highest unemployment rates,” said Tim Isacco.

Many returning veterans begin seeking work in retail, security, manufacturing, warehousing, and the food and beverage industry, states Isacco. However, the manufacturing industry – once a lucrative field for returning veterans – has set its sights on more technologically skilled candidates. To make things more difficult for veterans is the fact that other industries such as warehousing and food and beverage distribution are hiring more temporary contract positions.

“You’re seeing more temp jobs that are out there,” Isacco said.

Isacco recommends that veterans should take advantage for the education benefits that they are eligible for under the Department of Veterans Affairs and obtain some kind of vocational or Associates degree before beginning their job search to ensure better success in these lucrative but highly competitive industries.

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