Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Difference Between Military Hiring Conferences and Veteran Job Fairs

For employers looking to hire veterans, it can be difficult to determine what type of recruiting to do, including deciding between Hiring Conferences and Job Fairs. While Hiring Conferences and Job Fair may seem synonymous, they are very different. Read on to learn more about the difference and how Hiring Conferences help you successfully add veterans to your team.

Job fairs for veterans, or career fairs as they are commonly called, are usually hosted by a major organization, like a city’s Chamber of Commerce, for example. Most often set up in the form of different booths or tables, they feature a number of different companies from a variety of industries. 

Potential employees participating in the job fair visit the different "booths," or companies, dropping off their resume for increased visibility on open positions. While veteran job fairs occasionally result in an employer finding the right employee, these events are usually designed for networking purposes, giving employers a chance to meet lots of candidates. 

military Hiring Conference by Orion International is a well designed event where employers interview military job seekers, selected and pre-screened specifically for their open positions. Throughout the conference, Orion client companies receive personalized attention to ensure the best in customer service, including insight on the transitioning military candidates, and advice on the most effective hiring strategy. Our goal is that our candidates will have completed the hiring process and accepted your offer within 14 days of attending the conference.

Orion Hiring Conferences are held over two days. On the first day, candidates participate in interview preparation, attend briefings on the companies and positions offered, and are given the opportunity to network with both the interviewing employers and other military job seekers. The second day is filled with pre-arranged interviews with interested companies for positions that have been chosen based on veterans’ skills and experiences.

For employers seeking an efficient way to interview up to ten pre-qualified veteran candidates for each open position, an Orion International Hiring Conference is a great way to go. When compared to a job fair, Hiring Conferences offer a carefully selected veteran candidate pool from which to hire. And, not only have these candidates been briefed on the specifics of your positions, but they are ready to accept an offer. Our average selection rate per lineup is over 50%, with a hire cycle time at less than 21 days. 

Additionally, employers should consider attending a Distinguished Candidate Conference to interview our top tier of Military Officer talent, or hosting an onsite Mini-Conference® in order to accomplish all phases of the hiring process in a single day without requiring any travel.

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