Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Three Day Long Weekend Every Week?

For most people, returning back to work from a holiday weekend (like this past Memorial Day) can be somewhat of a drag, especially if you totally unplugged and are still trying to slog through your inbox to make up for that day you missed. Yet, a three-day weekend is a nice break and often leaves us wishing that we had a long weekend every week. For some companies, the reality of a three-day weekend is the norm.

Treehouse, an online service that teaches web design, app design, and coding, employs a year-round three-day weekend policy. Beholder, a creative content agency, has followed suit, allowing their employees to participate in three-day weekends during the summer months. In New York City, many companies participate in “Summer Fridays,” which means that employees can either take Fridays off during the summer or leave early in the afternoon.

While some companies would frown at this unconventional method, those who participate in a shorter work week praise its benefits, stating that an extra-long weekend actually helps their employees to get more done. Below are some reasons why working less can actually lead to a boost in productivity:

Employees return to work recharged. Giving employees an extra day off causes them to return to work refreshed and ready to tackle the work week, not to mention giving them a boost of high morale and energy. “For some, the weekend is almost too long. They can’t wait to get back to work,” Treehouse CEO Ryan Carson explains.

It’s a benefit that other companies don’t match. With the offer of a four-day work week every week, you can imagine that employees have proven to be much more loyal, and employee retention is very high.

When people spend less time at work they are more efficient when they are there. Employees are forced to utilize their time wisely, improving their time management skills. With the knowledge that employees have to accomplish five days’ work in four, they are less likely to waste time during work hours and will focus more on the tasks and projects at hand.

It improves teamwork. Because employees want to keep their three-day weekends, they work together to make sure that the work gets completed so they can enjoy their extra time off.

What do you think? Is a three-day weekend a good idea all the time, or only on special circumstances and occasions?


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