Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Veterans Led Federal Hiring in 2013

While Federal hiring has declined nearly 50 percent over the last four years, Veteran employment in Federal agencies has seen an increase, a July 9th Partnership for Public Service report states.

About 77,000 new employees were hired in fiscal year 2013, with Veterans comprising 45 percent, a 10 percent increase from Veteran hiring in 2008. Currently, Veterans make up 32 percent of the federal workforce.

This increase coincides with the Veterans Employment Initiative, signed by President Obama on November 9, 2009 to help men and women who have served in the military find employment in the federal government, with emphasis placed on aligning the talents of transitioning military and Veterans to key positions that they are well suited and qualified.

With the new initiative, it’s no surprise that Veteran hiring has seen a significant increase during the last five years, as the Departments of Defense, Labor, Veterans Affairs, Homeland Security, and other Federal agencies have made it a priority to help transitioning military and Veterans find a career in a government agency with tools such as, a website devoted to providing information on Federal employment to Veterans and transitioning military.

With an increase in Veteran hiring awareness coupled with key government initiatives like the Veterans Employment Initiative and Joining Forces, it is likely that the number of veterans hired in Federal agencies and the private sector will continue to steadily rise.

In March, the Department of Labor reported the jobless rate for all Veterans at 6.6 percent, a bit lower than the jobless rate for the population as a whole. Yet, the unemployment rate for Veterans remains disturbingly high, sitting around 9 percent, noticeably higher than for non-Veterans in the same demographic group.

Regardless, the growing trend of hiring Veterans in federal agencies is an important step in the right direction to raise the employment rate and lower the jobless rate for all Veterans.

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