Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Veteran Spotlight: Bill Tillotson

Hire a Hero recently caught up with Bill Tillotson, an Orion alumnus who began his career with JBS as a Maintenance Technician in March 2014. After serving 20 years in the Navy, he retired from the military and worked with Orion to find his career with JBS. 

“I’m doing the same types of things here that I did in the Navy. They have Preventive Maintenance and Corrective Maintenance just like the Navy, and the cards have check points that tells us what to check on each piece of equipment we work on,” says Bill of his new career, “The only difference is that JBS allows ‘common sense,’ whereas the Navy walks you through each step of the process.”

“For the 20 years that I served, I worked on pumps, purifiers, and valves replacements. I also learned how to troubleshoot and make recommendations on repairs of the equipment I was responsible for. Being able to read blue prints and schematics from the Naval Technical Manuals also helped me in the civilian sector, as I now utilize this skill at JBS,” explains Bill.

Bill has come a long way since he joined the Navy with no mechanical knowledge. Since starting his career with JBS, Bill received a raise and is working on his second floor qualification. He is also taking Mechanical certification courses to get even more raises and better his chances of possibly moving up to Supervisor.

According to Bill, veterans fit the bill when it comes to the civilian sector's need for dedicated workers that are at their appointed place at the appointed time, have a great work ethic, and a military chain of command mentality. He says that veterans get the job done right the first time.

Bill wants civilian employers to understand that veterans are loyal, have a lot of integrity, and are never late. With the drawbacks in the military, Bill advises companies to take advantage of all the great people the military is losing: “If you’re looking for highly-skilled workers, hire a vet! We get the job done, no questions asked!”

Click here to learn more about Bill’s transition.

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