Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Industry Spotlight: Banking & Finance

Military veterans are transitioning from the battlefield to banking in increasing numbers as more and more financial firms realize their value as employees. Companies like Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, PNC, and Prudential are tapping into this exceptional labor pool and filling positions from Associates to Managers. Want to know how veterans would fit into your company? Check out the financial positions in which we typically place veterans: 

Leadership Development Programs
Veterans bring a proven record of positive leadership and organizational improvement.  Companies often hire veterans in anticipation of work force aging, in order to keep a solid pipeline of future leaders for their companies.  Companies find that putting key hires through a rotational training program and exposing them to many facets within their companies helps in their development, retention, and performance.

Although often entry level, veterans thrive in the consulting industry.  They use their project management, communication, and leadership skills to positively effect change with their clients.  These veterans also come with experience in supply chain management, financial and budget experience, as well as organizational improvement.  Additionally, veterans receive higher ratings than their peers in performance and effectiveness allowing for early and rapid promotion.

Commercial Middle Market Manager
Companies find that veterans have superb analytic skills and attention to detail that allows them to evaluate complex financial statements.   Combined with their strong interpersonal skills, tact and communication skills, they excel at developing and maintaining professional relationships with the most demanding business clients.

Financial Advisor
Being a veteran decreases the work experience required to pass the Series 7 and Series 63 tests, allowing them to work more quickly in the finance industry as they transition.  Candidates have the work ethic, discipline, and fortitude necessary in establishing their client base.  They are also able to work easily with a diversified client pool gaining their trust and commitment with an uncompromising standard of ethics.

Credit Card Center Operations Manager
Tried and tested leadership is the hallmark of the military officer candidate.  In this role, veterans are able to work with their employees to ensure effective and efficient handling of customer disputes.  Through hands-on mentorship, they are able to develop and train their team into an efficient, self-improving organization.

These are just a few examples of roles veterans can fill in the finance industry. The nearly 200 veterans Orion has matched with careers in this field are also in positions such as Analyst, Investment Representative, and Mortgage Broker, to name a few.

Interested in learning more about how Orion can help you bring veterans into your workforce? Click here.

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